Couture Engagement Sessions

If engagement sessions were invented today, what would it look like? It would be able to accommodate all of your ideas and creativity. We made it easy for any couple, without any modeling experience to have art pieces produced for fashion magazines. We will also print your collection, a perfect conversation piece for your coffee table.


Like a magazine cover. 

Unlike any magazine cover.



Dream it. Shoot it.

Our in-studio engagement session has always been about telling your story. And now you have a new tools to do it. We have fashion designer pieces, MUA, hair stylist, and wardrobe consultants. Express yourself naturally and create something amazing.


Art. Made by you.

In-Studio Couture Engagement Session

Full Day Session

Up to 3 Wardrobe changes

Fashion Stylist Consultation

Award Winning Make Up and Hair Stylist

Magazine quality digital images



We offer a free, mini couture engagement experience, including makeup and hair for all of our new wedding couples purchasing Lulan’s Signature Collection.